The Only Trailer Designed Specifically For The Toro Procore 648

How to Grow and Manage the Perfect Green

Have you ever driven by a Golf Course and said to yourself, “Look at all the green, fine cut grass, I wonder how they do it”? If so, you aren’t alone. Reputable golf courses that aim at attracting professionals and regulars alike spend hundreds of thousands if not millions on lawn care every single year which produces the greenest, most professional cut fairways and greens any golfer can find. So the million-dollar question is, what’s the secret to golf course quality lawn care? We’ve got the inside scoop.

Perfect Greens Begin with Perfect Architecture

There’s a lot more to producing a perfect golf course green than just spraying water, cutting the grass with an average Joe lawnmower, and praying that it looks as perfect as most greens do. Golf courses have to take into account a few different strategies that better promote the ability to offer that fine cut grass most people drool over when Golfing. Golfing greens require a special foundation to be built which better insulates the grass as well as provides more efficient access when watering the green itself. As the golfing greens are being installed, a foundation of about sixteen inches deep is cut around the entirety of the green, allowing for perfect drainage as the green gets cared for by watering and is perfectly contoured so that there are no puddles left behind after a rain shower. Additionally, the green is placed strategically to promote the most exposure to sunlight, allowing the grass do dry as quickly as possible after showers.

The Best Equipment Offers the Finest Cut Greens

The layout, foundation, and placement of the Golfing Green are indeed important strategies that benefit the overall quality of the green itself, however in order to achieve cutting edge results you need to have cutting edge equipment. That’s why you often find golf course lawn care teams equipped using theToro Procore 648, a top of the line green care machine that provides the only thing green caretakers want, “A crisp, precisely cut green top”.

Create Top Quality Greens with the Toro Procore 648

There are no two golf courses that are alike, that’s exactly why the Toro Procore 648 delivers it’s operator with more than one-hundred and sixty tine options, allowing any operator to achieve the exact quality and results he or she desires. Not only does the Toro Procore 648 offer operator comfort, it also packs the well known Toro reliability guarantee that will be sure to deliver top of the line results for years to come. Operators who are seeking to further their experience when operating the Toro Procore 648 have the ability to enjoy additional assecories such as rear roller for smoothing the greens turf, a windrower that simplifies the removal of any core, convenient tine holders, tire scrapers, and a professional weight kit to ensure best penetration when caring for tougher soil.

The Bottom Line, The Toro Procore 648 Out Performs 

As you discover new green turfs that are precisely cut and look more perfect than perfect, you can bet that the Toro Procore 648 is to give thanks. The Toro Procore 648 isn’t only a great performing when managing green turfs, this top of the line machinery will boost production for any green care team. Featuring a carefully designed and precisely built forty-eight-inch aeration swath, operations can cover more ground in less time than ever before, in return increasing efficiency and productivity. The precision of it’s aeration swath allows allows operators the ability to move quickly between the aeration and cleanup process, letting you quickly get your course back into the playing action.

As operators begin using the Toro Procore 648 the remarkably smooth ride will be immediately noticed, provided by the it’s high quality six-cylinder engine. The Toro Procore 648 arms work together to counterbalance the coring process. With its precision configuration, experiences such as hopping, rocking and vibrations, are non-existed. This is an experience that operators are sure to be grateful for during and after the aeration process.

 Get Serious About the Toro ProCore 648

Owners who are serious about providing top of the link quality for their country club members should also be serious about the equipment they choose to use when caring for their green turfs. The Toro Procore 648 outperforms any other leading product and offers the TORO quality guarantee that you find in other TORO products. Additionally, when purchasing the Toro Procore 648 you can be sure that this machine will be servicing your greens for years to come while also offering the best cut precision you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Buy The Toro Procore 648 Tow Trailer

Are you ready to join the elite group of Toro Procore 648 operators? If so, you’re going to also want to purchase the TriTow trailer which has been precisely engineered to haul the Toro Procore 648. Operators love the TriTow trailer because it sports self raising and lowering ramps which requires no added steps for loading and unloading. Additionally, operators enjoy its low profile and wide wheel base guarantees both a safe and stable transportation experience for the Toro Procore 648. Operators also enjoy the fact that he  Toro Procore 648 can safely be stored on top of the TriTow trailer which reduces the amount of space needed for joint storage. Lastly, the TriTow trailer promotes a telescoping tongue zero foot print which reduces footprints during storage, and allows for flexibility when using different towing vehicles. Every Toro Procore 648 operator deserves ease when storing and transferring this machinery, that’s why we’ve created the perfect fit for the Toro Procore 648, the TriTow Trailer.

Still Not Convinced? Consider These Toro Procore 648 Facts

- Take full control with the Toro Titan Tines - Toro engineers have designed the Titan Tines line to deliver exceptional hole quality as well as longevity and durability for the entire line. Innovative designs, like the Titan Split Tine, offers extra benefits such as splitting cores into smaller pieces so the remains disintegrate and virtually disappear into the turf canopy.

- Deeper, Higher qualities holes. RotaLink geometry allows the tines to enter and exit the ground cleanly leaving a high quality result.

- Ease of Operation: A single switch on the handle controls the tine head and a handle bail engages forward and reverse. No shifting required. A fail safe system stops the machine and lifts the coring head if bail handle is released.

- Efficient Aeration: The Toro ProCore 648 is more efficient with a 48 inch (121.9cm) aeration swath that is 50 - 100 percent wider than competitive units.

- High Productivity: The Toro ProCore 648 allows you to aerate more areas in one day with the 48 inch (121.9 cm) aerating swath and clean up is easier and less labor intensive resulting in less time.

- Innovative Rear Wheel Placement: The wheels are located in front of the aeration head so they do not drive over the freshly aerated turf and run over the cores.

- Smooth, Quite, and Powerful: To give the Toro ProCore 648 its uncommonly smooth operation, the action of the tine arms are modeled after a six-cylinder car engine. The arms work in pairs to counterbalance the coring action. This precise configuration virtually eliminates hopping, rocking and unnecessary vibration.

Look no further than the Toro Procore 648, the absolute best machinery for grooming green turfs.